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                    It all started with Fernando Lopez, President of Centric Solutions. As an experienced Application Engineer/Automation SME, Lopez became thoroughly acquainted with the challenges that companies face in IT integration and application. He recognized that, regardless of size, budget, and industry, the success of an organization is becoming more and more directly proportional with how sensical and effective their integrations are. In combing through a vast array of procedural flaws in the IT departments of industries like healthcare, utilities, and The Department of Defense, Lopez began to see the full scope of tweaks and implementations that these companies needed. Working on a case-by-case basis, his approach focused on the highly-specific and -intricate needs that are often overlooked by consulting giants... and his solutions worked! As his skills blossomed, Lopez's career naturally transcended into the consulting industry and Centric Solutions was born! Conceived by a conglomeration of his experience and his natural eye for fixing problems, Lopez and Centric Solutions deliver IT staffing and consulting services guaranteed to be as personalized as they are precise and industry-specific. 


Fernando Lopez


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